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deployment & readiness 

MFSC provides services to support service members and their families on deployment, PCS and general force and family readiness. Services are offered at various MFSC Locations.

The MFSC provides classes, programs, and General Military Trainings (GMTs) designed to address parenting, suicide prevention, stress management, anger management, and new military spouse orientation.

The MFSC provides deployment support before, during, and after the deployment cycle for deploying Service Members and Families of deployed (about to deploy/recently returned) Airmen/Remote Tour/Frequently TDY Airmen and IA Sailors. The MFSC offers classes, programs, and briefs designed to address all aspects of deployment as well as one-on-one counseling services.

Readiness Event Calendar

We understand that deployments may cause a lot of hardship and often result in feelings of isolation. We invite the families of deployed Airmen and Sailors to participate in our readiness events held throughout the year. Follow our newsletter online for dates and register through  Occasionally we are able to offer complimentary access to special events and resources from our partners exclusive for deployed Families.  Please email with the subject line: Deployment Distro, to be notified.

February: Games, Crafts and Keepsakes
April: Home Front Heroes Ceremony
May: Parents Night Out
August: Operation Hele On / Ballet Hawaii
October:  Games, Crafts and Keepsakes
November: Spaghetti Dinner and Magic Show
December: Story Time with Santa / Ballet Hawaii / Operation Santa

Deployment and Readiness Newsletter

Check out what’s happening at MFSC and around the community! Our monthly newsletters include upcoming events, community resources, and other information you don't want to miss!
January Newsletter


Air Force Key Spouse Support

The Air Force Key Spouse Program is an official Air Force unit family readiness program designed to enhance mission readiness and resiliency and establish a sense of community. The MFSC provides family support services, information/referral, and support to the Key Spouse program on JBPHH.

Air Force Hearts Apart

The Hearts Apart program provides support services to Air Force Service Members and their Families before, during, and after deployment. The MFSC provides pre-deployment and return and reunion briefings, information on deployed family readiness events, and maintains contact through monthly moral phone calls. The Air Force Aid Society shares a partnership in the Hearts Apart program and offers additional services such as “Give Parents a Break” and “Car Care Because We Care (Free Oil Change).” Please visit the Air Force Aid Society website for more information:


Whenever it's time to make a 'military move' or even consider an 'early planning move', it's comforting to know that there are agencies and providers available to support you.  Every branch of the armed services has a 'Family Service Center with a Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) Manager available who is ready and willing to support and assist our military member and family members.   Please contact your local Family Service Center for relocation support assistance. 


MFSC RAP(Relocation Assistance Program) Manager

(808) 474-0092

Hours: Mon-Thurs 7 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Fri 7 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Address: 4827 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, HI 96818  

New to Hawaii?

New arrivals to Hawaii can use the ‘Relocating to JBPHH?’ MFSC JBPHH Electronic  ‘Welcome Aboard Information’ available on this homepage. 


Additionally, when you are looking for information about Hawaii, just go online to the Worldwide Military Installations Base Directory website, that is available for all branches of the armed forces for over 250 bases worldwide at  This is an exciting and very helpful electronic tool forging forward! Most of your concerns and questions are answered in this website, prior to your arrival in Hawaii. 


Looking for that great point of contact at your arriving command to assist you with your PCS Move and Transition to your new duty assignment?  There are sponsors accessible to assist both Navy and Air Force personnel.  Available at JBPHH MFSC to support you in these endeavors are:

  • Sponsor Training Classes:
  •        - At NCTAMS Wahiawa Chapel Conference Center on the First Tuesday of the Month During the following months:  March, April, June, July, September, and October from 1300 to 1500, the time is subject to change in the event of location unavailability.
  •         - At MFSC Pearl Harbor on the First Tuesday of the Month During the following months:  January and December from 1300 to 1500, the time is subject to change in the event of location unavailability.
  •        Quarterly at MFSC Pearl Harbor on the Third Wednesday of the Month. During the months of February, May, August, and November from 0900 to 1100, time and date are subject to change in the event of location unavailability.
  • GMT - Sponsor Trainings at Command/Units – MFSC Pearl Harbor
  • One-On-One Appointment Assistance


Smooth Move – PCS Moves, Retiring, Separating (Outbound)

Military and Family Support Center, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, servicing the Navy and Air Force personnel, is standing ready to support you on your outbound move!

Available at your local Family Service Center is a "Smooth Move" class for making a PCS Move.  This class will point you in the direction of your preparation for the move.  This class is held monthly on the Second Thursday of the Month, except in November it is held on the First Thursday, rotating locations, based on the availability of classroom.


Registration for this class as well as other classes can be found here:

Culture Adaptation and New Spouse Orientation

Culture Adaption and New Spouse Orientation assistance can be obtained through the MFSC JBPHH, Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) Manager.  Spouse Orientation is available online.


K-12 School Information

Ombudsmen/Key Spouses are appointed by each command to serve as a resource for family members, particularly during deployment. They help facilitate the flow of information between the command and the family. Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) are organized within commands to be a support team for the spouses, children and other designated individuals (including fiancées and/or parents). FRG’s are command-sponsored and are subject to the installation commander’s approval and local guidance. MFSC conducts training sessions for Ombudsman/Key Spouses and FRG leaders, as well as Command Support Team members, and helps facilitate the monthly Ombudsman/Key Spouses meetings. 


Ombudsman Program

The Ombudsman Program is an official Navy family readiness program designed to enhance mission readiness and resiliency and establish a sense of community. The Military and Family Center provides family support services, information/referral, and support to the Ombudsman program on JBPHH.


Ombudsman Code of Ethics

Ombudsman will:

  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Support the command’s mission.
  • Work within the chain of command as directed.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

Ombudsman & Family Readiness Group (FRG) Training

Please register for all classes by emailing or call (808) 474-1999. A registration confirmation will be sent when registration is complete. 


Reminder: Children are not allowed to attend training sessions, and therefore we ask that you plan accordingly for your childcare needs.


Please contact MFSC for a current calendar of training events. Additional training schedules can be found on the CNIC Ombudsman Program Training landing page


Ombudsman Training
First Name, Last Name

FRG Training
First Name, Last Name

Important Information


Phone for Emergency/ After Hours: 1-877-272-7337

Pearl Harbor: 808-473-3971
Hickam: 808-449-1754





Important Links

Command Leadership Toolkit

Deployment Readiness

Ombudsman Registry

Ombudsman On-Demand Orientation

Registering for eOBT/Webinars

CNIC Ombudsman Program Resources

FAQs for Worksheet

Military Installations


Key Spouse Program

The Air Force Key Spouse Program is an official Air Force unit family readiness program designed to enhance mission readiness and resiliency and establish a sense of community. The Military and Family Center provides family support services, information/referral, and support to the Key Spouse program on JBPHH.


2019 Key Spouse Calendar

Please register for all classes. See the MFSC Class Schedule to register for classes on the Great Life Hawaii website. You may also register by emailing Registration confirmation emails will be sent to those who register through the Great Life Hawaii website and provide an email address.  Reminder: Children are not allowed to attend training sessions, and therefore we ask that you plan accordingly for your childcare needs.


NOTE:  All Key Spouses have an open invitation to attend Ombudsman Basic Training.  If interested, please let us know so we can register you with the Ombudsman Coordinator.  The dates for upcoming OBT in 2017 are:

  • 09-11 January 0830-1600
  • 12-15 March 1700-2130
  • 08-10 May 0830-1600
  • 09-12 July 1700-2130
  • 02-04 October 0830-1600

Connect Meeting Updates

10 May 16
12 July 16
01 Sept 16
08 Nov 16
02 Feb 17
17 Aug 17

Air Force Contact Information

655 Vickers Avenue Building 1105

  • Air Force Aid Society
    • Give Parents a Break
    • Child Care for PCS
    • Car Care Because We Care
    • To find additional services, click here.
  • Casualty Services
  • Survivor Benefit Plan




Important Links

MFSC Class Schedule

New To Hawaii

Wingman Tool Kit


The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a quality of life program that works to ensure that chronic medical and/or special educational needs for all dependents of active-duty personnel are considered during the assignment process.  The EFMP team aims to support qualifying service members and their families through continuity of care, information and referral, and non-medical case management. 

The program has three components:

  1. Identification and Enrollment: Enrollment in the EFMP is required for all service members with dependents who have been identified with chronic medical and/or special educational needs. This includes any medical, dental, physical, mental health, developmental or educational requirement, wheelchair accessibility, adaptive equipment or assistive technology devices and services, et. al. for a period of 6 months or greater.
  2. Assignment Coordination: A projected assignment location must have both the capability and the capacity to meet the enrolled dependent’s need(s).
  3. Family Support: The EFMP provides information, referral, and non-clinical case management to families with special needs; as well as EFMP education and training for support personnel.


Required Forms:
DD 2792 – Exceptional Family Member Medical and Educational Summary
DD 2792-1 – Exceptional Family Member Special Education/ Early Intervention Summary

* DD2792-1 only required when applicable

NAVY: EFMP enrollment must be updated every 3 years for all permanent category assignments (Category 1-5) and annually for temporary category assignments (Category 6). Enrollment updates should also occur NLT 12 months prior to an anticipated Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and whenever a change in family status or special needs occur.

AIR FORCE: Please contact the local Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) for update needs


  1. Required forms and appropriate attachments are completed by sailor and appropriate personnel, generating enrollment package (instructions listed on Page 1 of forms)
  2. Enrollment package submitted to Medical Treatment Facility Coordinator (MTFC)
  3. MTFC conducts an administrative review to guarantee completion
  4. MTFC forwards enrollment package to Central Screening Committee (CSC)
  5. CSC reviews enrollment package to determine medical and/or educational eligibility; recommends category assignment to NAVPERSCOM
  6. NAVPERSCOM reviews enrollment package and CSC category recommendations; assigns final category and annotates the sailor’s detailing record

 Air Force

  1. EFM is identified
  2. Required forms and appropriate attachments are completed by airman and appropriate personnel, generating enrollment package (instructions listed on Page 1 of forms)
  3. Enrollment package submitted to Special Needs Coordinator (SNC)SNC conducts an administrative review to determine medical and/or educational eligibility
  4. Military Personnel Section receives enrollment designation letter
  5. Q-code added to airman’s record in MILPDS

*If the EFM is of majority age the service member may NOT fill out paperwork on their behalf.


One-on-one consultations, community outreach, non-medical case management, service plans, monthly bulletins, and distribution of information to families, commands/units, and leadership are some of the proactive support services maintained by the local EFMP liaison program. The liaison also provides training and education to support personnel throughout the local Navy and Air Force communities.  This includes APPOINTED COMMAND EFMP POC (NAVY) training offered quarterly.

MFSC EFMP Liaisons: provide assistance with navigation of systems; provide information/ referral services and non-medical case management.  The liaisons provide a link between military, local, and national community resources and the EFMP families who utilize support services. 


Kokua is “support” in Hawaiian and a very appropriate name for the local EFMP newsletter.  The KOKUA is a monthly compilation of information that aims to explore a theme related to the Exceptional Family Member Program, or an aspect of military life through from the scope of the EFMP family. This local initiative is an exciting way to learn about resources and information available in both the Oahu and military communities.


Sign-up to receive the bulletin by providing us your email address by clicking below:

Form DD2792

OPNAVINST 1754.2F.pdf

AFI 40-701

Form DD2792-1



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