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Personal & Family Life Education

Personal and Family Life Education provides educational, supportive and preventative services to service members, couples, families and DoD employees through classes, programs, and General Military Trainings (GMTs).  Our services help to build and maintain resiliency, healthy relationships, and strengthen interpersonal and problem-solving skills. 

Samples of training and education topics include (but not limited to): parenting, stress management, effective communication, anger management, and more!  To see a full list, check out the “Classes & Workshops” section!

Please review all tabs, and call (808) 474-1999 for specific questions. 

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For our Navy COBs and CMCs pursuing Quals, please reach out to us for your individual consultation. 

Classes open to all military ID cardholders – active duty, family members, retirees, Guard/Reserve. 


Sign up on the Great Life Hawaii MFSC Class Schedule for workshops to pursue your personal development goals! 


Would your unit like a training specialist to visit your command/unit and train on a personal development topic?  Use the attached GMT request form to coordinate!

ANGER MANAGEMENT: Anger is a completely normal and healthy human emotion that is meant to be felt. It may be a fleeting annoyance or felt as full-fledged rage.  How we channel that anger and emotion is important!  Class is designed to help you better understand, channel and control your anger responses.

BUILDING SELF ESTEEM IN CHILDREN: Did you know a parent’s behavior could influence their child’s thinking? Learn the “language of encouragement” and the importance of building self-esteem in children. Discover the power of mutual respect and how to understand the difference between praise and encouragement.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION:  Conflict allows people to grow, and teams to strengthen. Class provides understanding of attitudes and behaviors when faced with conflicting situations. Interactive activities will support learning of techniques to manage conflict and work with others to solve problems.

Daddy Basic Training: This two hour, in-person class is designed for new dads. We cover the last trimester of pregnancy, the birth process, and the first few months of parenthood. We also invite “veteran” dads so all your questions can be answered. Reach out to your MFSC Education team to register! 

DEALING WITH DIFFICULT BEHAVIORS: Have you ever interacted with a difficult person? This class will improve understanding of difficult behaviors, and help you to work better with people you may label as difficult.

FOUR LENSES/TRUE COLORS: Fun and interactive workshop to promote better self-understanding. Work individually, and with others, to increase self-awareness and understanding of your personality. Greater understanding will help you communicate more effectively, and improve team cohesion and interpersonal relationships.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS:  This class outlines characteristics of a healthy relationship, self-esteem’s effect on choices, effective communication and conflict resolution. We’ll give you the tools to build and maintain a solid foundation for a quality relationship. Great for any personal relationship, whether working, family, or romantic.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS FOR TEENS:  One in three teens will experience a violent dating relationship by the time they reach adulthood. Teens will learn the core elements of building Healthy Relationships: high self-esteem, qualities to look for in partners, social media and keeping safe! **Parents, please attend “Parents: Your Teens and Dating”

HIGH-TECH PARENTING:  Social media – it’s not an anonymous world! It is very easy to be caught up in the “feeling” of anonymity behind the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, the lessons learned can lead to threatened safety, humiliation or the cost of a friendship. Help your children understand the value of safety, modesty and care while posting on the internet!

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS:  Would you like to master the art of people skills and maximize the impact of your first impressions? Having strong interpersonal skills can open many avenues in work and in life. This class will teach you about communication, conversation, and the value of soft skills in the workplace.

PARENT CHILD COMMUNICATION: Having positive parent-child communication is key to maintaining healthy family relationships. Improve your communication skills with your children of all ages; we will discuss techniques suitable for each age group.

PARENTS: YOUR TEENS & DATING: One in three teens will experience a violent dating relationship by the time they reach adulthood. This class will provide you with information to help guide your teen in building positive dating relationships and keeping your teen safe. We will examine how to model positive relationships, build your teen’s self-esteem to prevent poor relationships and what to do if they experience violence. 

POSITIVE PARENTING:  Parenting skills are something learned. We are not born with them, and children do not arrive with instructions. This class will enhance your parenting skills and make your parenting goals attainable.  Topics include establishing positive relationships, disciplining assertively and creating realistic expectations.

SLEEP ROCKS!: We often take sleep for granted. We hear people brag about how much they work on little sleep. We often feel our schedules do not permit enough sleep! Learn about the importance of good sleep hygiene and incorporating these practices into your daily routine. Managing time for sleep, practicing good sleep habits will lead to improved health and energy levels; this can change your life!

STOP BULLYING:  Has your child been a victim of bullying? Has your child been the bully? This workshop looks at the dynamics of bullying and ways to defend against it.  Building our children up today will help end bullying for tomorrow!

STRATEGIZING WITH STRESS:  Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to demands we face.  People may experience challenges with stress.  Over time, high levels of stress can lead to serious health and psychological problems.  This class is designed to help improve understanding the effect stress has on our personal and professional lives, and techniques to improve stress management and how to interrupt the stress cycle.

SUICIDE PREVENTION & AWARENESS: Learn ways to prevent suicide, including: building resilience, coping positively with life stress and relationships with peers, co-workers and families. Identify risk and protective factors related to suicide as well as how to apply ACT (Ask, Care, Treat) *Counts as required Navy Suicide Prevention training.*

TIME MANAGEMENT:  Acquire skills to make better choices about time management and achieve your goals.  Gain the personal understanding and practical skills to implement a customized framework for successful time management according to your priorities. 

TRANQUIL SEAS: MINDFULNESS AND SELF-CARE:  Self-care is a critical element in managing stress, preventing burnout and achieving a sense of fulfillment. Evaluate ways you can build self-care into your daily routine, be mindful through your activities and reach your fullest potential.

WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE BALANCE: Learn to manage everyday stressors to create a healthy work and personal life balance. This class will focus on strategies to create realistic expectations and challenge negative thinking patterns, while expanding your toolkit for maximum balance, well-being and fulfillment.

Air Force Spouse 101: Heart Link: Are you a new Air Force Spouse, about to become one, or have been one for a while but still have questions about the Air Force way of life or resources at JBPHH? Are you interested in getting to know your community and all it has to offer, and networking with others? If so, Heart Link is just for you!

Give us a call at (808)474-1999 or email to register!


COMPASS:  A free, 12-hour Team mentoring program developed by spouses for spouses. COMPASS is open to all Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard spouses and is presented over three days (four hours per day). The standardized COMPASS Program is overseen by Naval Services FamilyLine, a non-profit 501(c)(3), volunteer organization. 

COMPASS introduces participants to many aspects of the Navy lifestyle: the Navy mission, history, customs and traditions, rights and benefits, pay, deployments, moving, interpersonal communication, and investing in self and the community.

Check out the COMPASS Pearl Harbor Facebook Page at

DOD, Air Force, and Navy Instructions mandate an annual Family Advocacy Program (FAP) brief on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse/Neglect for four groups:

1) Leadership

2) Senior Enlisted E7-E9

3) Civilians Supervisors of Active Duty Service Members

4) All Service Members


FAP briefs serve to increase awareness, aid in prevention, and increase community well-being via presentation of definitions, reporting options, statistics, best practices, and follow-up and supportive services.

FAP briefs are also available for groups such as National Guard, Reserve, Ombudsman, Key Spouse, FRGs, etc. Please reach out to your MFSC FAP Education POC for more information, at (808)474-1999.

FOCUS Resilience Training

Grounded in decades of research on family resilience and prevention programs.  Since 2008, FOCUS Program has provided state of the art family resilience services to military families, children and couples.

Visit JBPHH FOCUS Project page for more information: or call (808)257-7774



Chaplains are the military’s religious leaders, responsible for tending to the spiritual and moral well-being of service members and their families. The chaplain’s responsibilities include performing religious rites, conducting worship services, providing confidential counseling and advising commanders on religious, spiritual and moral matters.

Chaplains Office:

Pearl Harbor: (808) 473-3971 or (after hours): (808) 473-1222

Hickam: (808) 449-1754


EOSC (Expanded Operational Stress Control videos)


Military Crisis Line: Help is always available. Call the Military Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (option 1), text 838255 or visit for free confidential support, 24/7.

Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC)

Program supports service members and their families with non-medical counseling. MFLCs deliver valuable counseling services, briefings and presentations. MFLCs do not take any notes and - if safety is not an issue - cannot report to the chain of command.

Child and Youth MFLCs are embedded with the various Youth Programs at JBPHH.


Adult/Family MFLCs:

Hickam: (808) 319-3482, (808) 796-4520, (571) 835-6365

Pearl Harbor: (808) 221-3585, (808) 202-6450, (808) 202-7459

Schofield: (808) 655-4227

MCBH: (808) 257-2650



Military OneSource:

Military OneSource connects you – or immediate family members – to information and resources, whether it involves spouse education and career opportunities, matters specific to families with special needs, financial and tax counseling or other important issues. Military OneSource offers a call center and online support.

Family & Relationships:.

Health & Wellness:


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