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Family Housing  

All of the family housing units in Hawaii are privatized, and are referred to as Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing. There are two separate PPV projects that provide family housing to incoming Navy and Air Force personnel. 

Navy personnel receive highest priority to homes owned and maintained by Ohana Military Communities - Navy (OMC). Air Force personnel receive highest priority to homes owned and maintained by Hickam Communities LLC (HC). 

The Navy Region Hawaii Family Housing Division has two site offices: The Housing Service Center provides referral services and government oversight of the OMC project, and The Hickam Housing Management Office provides referral services and government oversight of the HC project. All military personnel can sign up to be on all wait lists on island simultaneously; however, priority on each list will vary. 

Navy personnel have the highest priority on OMC’s wait list and have a priority on HC’s wait list just below Air Force personnel. Likewise, Air Force personnel have the highest priority on HC’s wait list and have a priority on OMC’s just below Navy personnel. 

Housing for Navy Personnel:

Housing Service Center
4825 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818-3174
Building 2652, 1st Floor
DSN: (315) 474-1820/1821 COM: (808) 474-1820/1821
Fax: (808) 474-1822

Advance Application: Please mail along with a copy of orders and service record page 2 (dependent verification)

Ohana Military Communities - Navy
4825 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818-3174
Building 2652, 1st Floor
COM: (808) 839-8690

Navy Housing Availability


Housing for Air Force Personnel:

Hickam Housing Management Office
200 Kokomalei Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818-5402
Building 6500
COM: (808) 448-6887/0856

Advance Application: Please mail to address listed above                                                         

Hickam Communities LLC
200 Kokomalei Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818-5402
Building 6500
COM: (808) 423-7788/3080

To access the Air Force website, click here.

The Army Housing Services Office (HSO) is located in Building 1004, 111 7th Street, Fort Shafter, Hawaii 96858, is the lead proponent to assist all military personnel stationed on the island of Oahu with living downtown. 
Their website ( provides key information regarding available community homes and apartments to live in. 
The HSO is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except the first and third Thursday of each month when assistance begins at 9:00 am. Their phone numbers are (808) 438-0149 or 438-3820.


However, both the Housing Service Center (HSC) and Hickam Housing Management Office (HMO) site provide computer access to the rental listings available on the HSO’s website, as well as HSO services.


The DoD sponsored home finding HSO website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is free and totally self-service--both by those searching for properties and those listing properties. Those seeking rental properties can view photos, maps and detailed descriptions of property listings. Information included on the website also shows available amenities, dates, prices and mileage from military installations. The HSC and HMO staff can also provide rental listing from the HSO website. HSO services include in-depth briefings on renting in the community, scheduling appointments to view rentals, transportation to view prospective rentals, lease review, complaint mediation, discrimination complaint processing, inspecting rentals for adequacy, rental listings, BAH rates, school information, in-depth maps of Oahu, security deposit waiver information (utilities), and information on the Housing Relocation Assistance Program (HRAP).

Local Information
Welcome Aboard Package

Your Military in Hawaii – The Official Military Guide (also available at MFSC and MWR ITT offices)
Hawaii Military Guide (also available at MFSC and MWR ITT offices)
Listing of Public Schools for Navy Housing Residents (download PDF)

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Standard Operating Procedures will be implemented and may provide additional considerations for families enrolled in the EFMP program. Special considerations include family members who are wheelchair bound or have limited mobility and require single level housing. All units are central air and families are responsible for providing their own generators if they need back- up systems.

Public-Private Venture, or PPV, housing is the most exciting development in housing in decades. The PPV initiative provides high quality, affordable housing and enhanced property maintenance by a private entity. PPV projects offer a faster method of getting more housing for the same dollars, not the same housing for less money.


PPV quality standards and amenities are comparable to what the private sector builds, renovates or operates for civilians with the same overall income ranges in the community. PPV is different from the recent traditional military construction in that PPV homes are built quicker and are generally more spacious. Service member receive basic allowance for housing (BAH) and pay rent directly to the landlord.


At Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) we have partnered with Ohana Military Communities (Navy) and Hickam Communities (Air Force) to offer you and your family outstanding housing choices. Contact the Housing Service Center or Hickam Housing Management Office to get the most current projection of housing availability and wait list information .


For additional contact information, floor plans, pet policies, full resident guidelines, and other neighborhood specific information regarding PPV housing, please visit our PPV partner’s website at:

Ohana Military Communities (Navy): 

Hickam Communities (Air Force):

*Navy Region Hawaii Housing Service Center is the government advocate for the residents living in Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing.  If residents cannot resolve an issue with the PPV owner (Ohana Military Communities LLC or Hickam Communities LLC), they should contact the Navy Region Housing Liaison, (808) 474-1804 or by email at

Effective 1 Oct 2012, the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) buffer will change from 20% to 10% above and below the average monthly usage of Like-Type Groups.  This change was approved by Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and will apply to all RECPs being implemented throughout the Department of the Navy.  Contact (808) 474-1823 for more information.

Tips on Saving Energy from Commander, Navy Region Hawaii (16 Dec 2010)



In 1998, in conjunction with its Public Private Venture (PPV) partners, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) set forth the policy (see below) for the payment of utilities in PPV housing to encourage energy efficiency in privatized housing units.  The RECP represents the Department of the Navy's (DON) next step in establishing an energy conservation program in PPV housing consistent with OSD policy.  The program is in alignment with the Department of Defense (DoD) and DON's energy conservation initiatives to reduce dependence on foreign oil, other fossil fuels, and overuse of electricity.

Historically, PPV residents consume more energy than their military or civilian counterparts living in the same community.  These excess energy costs negatively impact PPV projects over the long-term by reducing available capital which would ultimately be reinvested back into the PPV community, allowing improvements to the property such as renovations and community amenities.

 A pilot RECP was conducted from Jan-Dec 2011 at Navy Region Hawaii's PPV homes.  Also participating in the pilot were two United States Marine Corps PPV projects at Kaneohe, Hawaii and Beaufort-Paris, North Carolina.  The pilot was a huge success and as a result, CNIC announced that RECP will be rolled out to the rest of the DON's PPV housing beginning in October 2012.  The rollout mandated that all RECPs will use a 10% buffer above and below the average monthly electricity usage by PPV residents, and the 20% buffer currently applied to local Ohana Military Communities - Navy (OMC) electric bills will be adjusted to 10% in October 2012.

The Navy and Marine Corps pilot RECPs saw electricity consumption decrease by approximately 10% as residents became more aware of their usage and adjusted their behavior to earn rebates and avoid payments.  CNIC determined that utilizing a 10% buffer will increase conservation by creating more resident awareness of their utility usage.


The RECP transferred responsibility for electricity consumption from the PPV partner to the PPV resident.  The program is designed to set a reasonable range for normal electricity consumption in PPV housing units.  Here are the basic steps:

  1. OMC establishes "like-type" groups of PPV homes within each of its neighborhoods based on size, number of bedrooms, and year built.
  2. Each month, OMC calculates a monthly usage average for each group of homes.
  3. OMC currently adds a 20% buffer above and below the monthly usage average which results in a normal usage band.  The buffers are added to account for variances in the homes and family demographics.  The buffer will change to 10% in October 2012.
  4. Residents are required to pay for excess electricity consumption that is above the normal usage band.  Residents whose consumption falls below the normal usage band will receive a credit or rebate.  Residents within the normal usage band will neither pay nor receive a credit.
  5. Residents receive a monthly bill showing their month's consumption as compared to the monthly usage average and the normal usage band, along with the money owed or credited.

OSD Memo - PPV Policy

Town Hall Briefing - September 2012


Forest City Q&A  (OMC)

Forest City CNRH Letter  (OMC)

Forest City Email to Residents  (OMC)



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