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Due to COVID-19, modifications have been made to the 3-day TAP workshop as well as the TAP Tracks. The curriculum is being offered virtually. Please call 808-474-1999 to speak with a TAP counselor for the latest updates. 


The 3-day TAP Workshop is the outcome-based, modular curriculum with standardized learning objectives. The TAP core curriculum helps service members meet the Career Readiness Standards (CRS) and is mandatory—no conflicting appointments are to be scheduled. Failure to meet attendance and CRS requirements may result in re-taking the 3-day TAP workshop. 

  •   Check-in for TAP is 0715—please arrive on time or your seat may be designated for those on standby
  •   All TAP workshops have a professional dress code of business casual: no shorts, t-shirts, hats, slippers, or offensive clothing
  •   Laptops are required; if you do not have one, we have laptops to loan. Thumb drives are permitted.
  •   Location: MFSC, 4827 Bougainville Drive, Honolulu, 2nd Floor, Rooms 293 or 294.  Our facility is behind the Moanalua Shopping Center/Ruby Tuesdays and labeled “MFSC/PSD”
  •   If you prefer digital downloads, course materials and references are available in the Downloads section on this page.

Prior to TAP, use your CAC to register for an e-Benefits account at  Take the additional step of registering for a DS Logon username and password to ensure post-transition access; you’ll use this DS Logon and Password for multiple systems both pre- and post-transition. Note: eBenefits registration is a CRS for all transitioning service members.


AIR FORCE: You’ll be scheduled for the TAP Workshop and appropriate 2-day track during your Initial Counseling with an MFSC Transition Counselor.


NAVY: You’ll be scheduled for the TAP Workshop and appropriate 2-day track during your Initial Counseling with your Command Career Counselor.    


Spouses are highly encouraged to attend TAP and all other workshops, and may attend with or without their service member.  Spouses can register when their service member registers during Initial Counseling or through an MFSC Transition Counselor by calling 474-1999 or emailing


MFSC also offers a quarterly, one-day, Spouse Transition Seminar. During this workshop, transitioning spouses will become more prepared for their family’s future after the military. Attendees will receive information in one day that is similar to the information service members receive in their TAP workshop to assist the transitioning family with planning, communication and cohesion. Included will be information on resiliency, financial planning, employment, VA Benefits, healthcare/Tricare, education, and relocation. Community and national resources for transitioning spouses will also be shared. 


Registration required: Spouses can self-register for 2-day tracks and the Spouse Transition Seminar on our MFSC Class Schedule 



TAP Workshop agenda (see tabs below for module/workshop descriptions)

Monday: 0730-1600: Pre-Separation Counseling & DoD Transition Day (MY Transition, MOC Crosswalk, Financial Planning for Transition)

Tuesday: 0730 – 1600: VA Benefits and Services

Wednesday: 0730-1600: Department of Labor Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (DOLEF)

Thursday-Friday: class times vary: 2-day service member elected track options to include Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW), Vocational Training Track, Managing Your (MY) Education, and Boots to Business


Pre-Separation Counseling

Must be completed NLT 365 days prior to separation or retirement.

Pre-separation Counseling covers by-law information to include benefits, entitlements and resources for eligible transitioning service members. Caregivers and spouses are especially encouraged to attend pre-separation counseling with their service member.

Pre-Separation Counseling Reference Slides available in the Downloads section.

DoD Transition Day 

DoD Transition Day is a mandatory 8-hour curriculum that follows Pre-Separation Counseling and consists of the following modules: 


Managing Your (MY) Transition—provides service members with an understanding of the importance of preparing for their transition from military service into the civilian sector and provides an overview of the Transition Assistance Program curriculum. The “less obvious” topics of transition, such as personal and family transition concerns, the differences in the culture of civilian and military workplaces, transition-related stressors, and the importance of effective communication during the transition process are introduced. The course concludes with the presentation of both military and civilian resources that can provide support during and after transition to ensure a successful transition experience for military personnel and their family members.


MY Transition Participant Guide located in the Downloads section.


Military Occupational Code (MOC) Crosswalk—demonstrates how to translate military skills, training, and experience into civilian credentialing appropriate for civilian jobs. Service members will document their military career experience and skills, translate their military occupation experience to civilian sector occupations and skills, and identify any gaps in their training and/or experience that need to be filled to meet their personal career goals.


MOC Crosswalk Participant Guide located in the Downloads section.


Financial Planning for Transition—builds on the financial training provided during the military life cycle and helps service members understand how transition will impact their financial situation by discussing the change in income, taxes, healthcare costs, new expenses, and other financial changes related to transition. Online tools are used to calculate the military-to-civilian income equivalent and to research the cost-of-living for at least two geographical locations. Throughout the course, service members have the opportunity to develop or update a 12-month post separation budget.


Financial Planning for Transition Participant Guide and financial Planning Worksheet located in the Downloads section.

VA Benefits and Services 

Veteran Benefits and Services is a one-day, interactive briefing designed to enable transitioning Service members to make informed decisions regarding the use of VA benefits. The program supports to better understand VA benefits and programs based on their needs and where they are in their transition journey. It is designed around the understanding that no two transitions are the same. Each module builds upon the prior modules and highlights real stories and examples from service members who have already transitioned from military to civilian life. Critical areas covered include: disability benefits and compensation; memorial and burial benefits; education and economic support; housing benefits; and health care options, including both physical and emotional health needs.


Have questions about your VA benefits? VA Benefit Advisors are located at MFSC during business hours, and at Navy College and the AF Education Center with limited hours. Call 474-1999 and ask to speak with a VA Benefit Advisor. 


Department of Labor Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (DOLEF) lays the foundation of the transition from military to civilian life. This workshop provides an introduction to the essential tools and resources needed to evaluate career options, gain information for civilian employment, and understand the fundamentals of the employment process.


DOLEF Participant Guide located in the Downloads section. 

Track: DOLEW 

Thursday-Friday: 0730-1600: Department of Labor Employment Workshop (DOLEW) covers emerging best practices in career employment, including in-depth training to learn interview skills, build effective resumes, and use emerging technology to network and search for employment.


Check-in for DOLEW is 0715—please arrive on time or your seat may be designated for those on stand-by.


DOLEW Participant Guide located in the Downloads section. 

Track: Vocational Training

Thursday-Friday: 0730-1600: Vocational Training Track offers a unique opportunity for participants to complete a personalized career development assessment of occupational interest and ability. This industry-standard assessment presents participants with a variety of tailored job recommendations (some of which are classified as high-demand or high-growth occupations) that align with their interests and aptitudes. Participants are also guided through a variety of career considerations, including labor market projections, education, apprenticeships, certifications, and licensure requirements.


Check-in for Vocational Training is 0715—please arrive on time or your seat may be designated for those on stand-by.


Vocational Training Participant Guide located in the Downloads section. 

Track: MY Education 

Thursday-Friday: 0800-1600: Managing Your (MY) Education assists service members in identifying the higher education requirements that support their personal career goals. This two-day workshop is divided into the following topic areas: learning the basics, choosing a field of study, selecting an institution, gaining admission, and funding higher education. This workshop is beneficial for both service members attending college for the first time and those applying to graduate school programs. Throughout the workshop, participants conduct research as each topic is presented and complete a comparison of at least two institutions of higher education.


Check-in for MY Education is 0745—please arrive on time or your seat may be designated for those on stand-by.


MY Education Participant Guide located in the Downloads section.

Track: Boots to Business 

Thursday-Friday: 0900-1600: Facilitated by the Small Business Administration Veteran Business Outreach Center (VBOC), Boots to Business educates service members pursuing self-employment in the private or nonprofit sectors. Participants receive information on the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship and the steps required to successfully launch a small business. After completing the Entrepreneurship Track, participants can take advantage of follow-on training, counseling, and mentorship opportunities designed to assist with business planning, market research, access to capital, and all other aspect and stages of small business ownership.

For more information on Boots to Business and for follow-on support, please visit

Check-in for Boots to Business is 0845—please arrive on time or your seat may be designated for those on stand-by.


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